Blueberry Kitchen & Coffee Shop

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We are located at the heart of Kathmandu; Thamel. We serve excellent food in reasonable price.

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We work to make your time the best.

We work hard to arrange things for your convenience. Food and beverages are served as per your wish.

Good Times

You will love it here!

We have the best setup of outdoor and indoor tables with garden opening soon. Apart from food, you will also love the place.

Unwind and relax

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Blueberry Kitchen & Coffee Shop

Blueberry Kitchen & Coffee Shop is a nice and cozy place to eat, out of the chaotic part of Thamel. We are located in Chhetrapati, where you can sit down and enjoy your time in a more quite part of Thamel. The high quality food we offer to our customers would be incomplete if an excellent service, as our feedbacks speak on different rating websites, would not be provided.

We build relationships with the customers, so that they can leave as friends. We love to see happy faces, and try our best to convey such positive attitude through our service and the various cuisines offered.

Blueberry is a vision of a team of people with long experience in the food and hospitality sector. All the staff is wholly committed not to merely cook a dish, but rather make food, experiment new cuisines and add an essential flavor of love in each and every dish that we serve to our guests. We believe that is the reason why most of our guests love to come back and sit down in our outdoor patio as we try to serve love through the art of food making. If you are looking for a quite, affordable and cosy restaurant in Thamel with good food and great staff, we promise, you will not leave disappointed.

Our Specials

  • Blueberry Special Breakfast

  • MO: MO:

  • Nepali Khana Set